Coconut Coated Bammy

Mehetta bammy goes beyond the ordinary with a crunchy coating of finely grated sweetened coconut flakes to explode with each bite.


1 Serving Quarter (0.25 Servings)

Half (0.5 Servings)

Default (1 Serving)

Double (2 Servings)

Triple (3 Servings)


15 mins

COOK TIME10 mins

TOTAL TIME 25 mins


1 Pack of Mahetta Bammies2-bammies per pack

 1 cup Flour

 1 tsp Baking powder

 ½ cup Water, Beer, Cocounut Milk

 ¼ tbsp Salt & Pepper

 1 pinch All purpose seasoning

 ¼ tbsp Paprika

 1 Ruma shot

 1 cup Sweetened Shredded Coconut

 1 cup Unsweetended Shredded Coconut

 Sweet chilly sauce


1. Cut Mehetta Bammies into wedges.

2. Mix flour, salt, pepper seasoning baking powder and liquid into a batter.

3. Sprinkle some coconut rum over bammy wedges.

4. Dust wedges with flour and dip in batter.

5. Coat dip wedges in the unsweetened and sweetened shredded coconut.

6. Deep fry bammies until golden brown.

7. Serve with sweet chilly sauce.

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